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Sunday, August 13, 2006

"Hello, President Romney"--Yepsen fits in praise for Romney

Actually, David Yepsen uses the phrase as a wake-up call to the Democratic party that if the left-wing anti-war group takes further control of the party that they will not have a prayer against a moderate-leaning conservative like Romney.

Dave Burris, who's filling in for Ann Marie Curling at Elect Romney in 2008 put up the following post

Hello, President Romney.

Sounds good, huh?

Hello, President Romney.

Really, I could get used to the sound of that. It's just one of those things you never want to say about your candidate.

But I didn't. Esteemed Iowa journalist and kingmaker David Yepsen did today in his Des Moines Register editorial.
Instead of a dialog between the two parties about our problems, we have shout-a-thons and Internet incivilities. It's liberal bloggers versus conservative talk-show hosts. The pragmatic, civil politics of the Jim Leaches and Leonard Boswells are out. Steve King and Al Sharpton - who conveniently posed behind Lamont Tuesday night - are in.

For many Americans, it becomes too much. They tune out. And that's fine with the politicians. Political consultants in both parties urge their candidates to instead "fire up the base" and engage in "turnout-suppression" efforts against opponents. So, Democrats step up their anti-war rhetoric. Republicans bash gay marriage.

The trashing Lieberman took for his views brings to mind the anti-Vietnam War activism that savaged Hubert Humphrey in 1968. Humphrey was as good and decent a liberal as you could find, but the anti-war movement just couldn't stomach him because he was Lyndon Johnson's vice president. Enough people on the left stayed home, or did little to help him, that the country got Richard Nixon as its president. Which was not a good thing.

So will the ascendant anti-war movement today become as impractical and counter-productive as it became in the 1960s and 1970s? If so, the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 is likely to be won by a candidate so far out on the fringe he (or she) can't appeal to America's mainstream.

Hello, President Romney.
Music to this American's ears.

And Yepsen has a point. Although Romney is a conservative, and a proud conservative at that, he is willing to do what it takes to work with the other side to move America forward. That doesn't mean sacrificing what you believe in. It means compromising when necessary to move your agenda forward. All the great ones have done it.

Romney is a "Just Do It" conservative. Or, for you southerners, a "Git-R-Done" conservative. (I kid.) Pick your battles, but believe in America more than you do in polarization. Compromise when you need to. Stay away from "gotcha" politics. And get the job done. Yepsen sees it. I see it. Do you?


Great stuff Dave!

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