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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Romney responds quickly to elevated threat

This Boston Globe article reviews Romney's actions in calling up the National Gaurd:

"I don't know what other governors are doing. Logan has a specific history with regards to the initiation of terrorist activity on airlines, and therefore we have a heightened degree of concern here," he said.

Since Sept. 11, Logan has become a pioneer in testing and using the latest aviation security technology. It was the first airport in the country to launch a permanent system that scans all checked baggage for explosives."

One of the gaurdsmen that was called up said in the article:

"It's still safe to fly. At the same time everyone should be aware and be on alert for people who are acting out of the ordinary," said Sgt. Steven Hines, who carried an MP-5 machine gun on his patrol.

"I think sometimes people get complacent and they forget and think the threat isn't there anymore," Hines said. "As you heard the threat is there."

Another article picked up by the Christian Broadcasting network stated:

"U.S. authorities raised the threat level to “red” for flights from Britain, the first time the highest threat of terrorist attack had been invoked since the system was created. All other flights were under an “orange” alert - one step below red."

I'm guessing that Logan Airport has plenty of flights in from Britain. Those are "RED alert" flights and Romney took appropriate action. Romney has been VERY intertwined in developing disaster and homeland security plans. I would expect no less from potentially the strongest homeland security leader in the nation!

However, some are saying that this is all a "play to the media."

Is Schwarzenegger "playing to the media" too (I sarcastically ask)?

"Schwarzenegger activates Guard in wake of London terror plot"

A snippet:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger activated the National Guard Thursday to bolster security at California airports after authorities said they had foiled a terror plot involving U.S.-bound planes from Britain.

"I have ordered the redeployment of security assets to high priority locations to respond to this threat,"

"These assets include bomb-sniffing dogs, the California National Guard, and the California Highway Patrol, in concert with local and federal law enforcement agencies."

Strong leadership from men of action!


Guy Murray said...

Jeff, Any sources to which you can direct me about Mitt's views on the war on terror, Iraq, and terrorism in general?

Jeff Fuller said...


Here are a few links . . . not triaged very well . . . sorry. (some info on the related issue of immigration as well)--

Romney said: "we under-communicate to the world and to the American people when we call it a "War on Terror." Terror is the technique that's involved by the others side. This really is a war against radical jihadists. And we're going to have to recognize that, and see it's breath and help the world of Islam reject the extremists, because they and we together are going to have to do this."

I'm sure that's too much, but that should give you a flavor of where he's been on the issues