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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hear Mitt Speak. Speak Mitt, Speak

A new Iowa political blog focused on the 2008 presidential race is being run by Kevin Schmidt. It is named "RealWorldPolitico." I breifly met Kevin at Romney's PAC event in Ames and he seemed like a nice guy. Fortunately, Kevin recorded Romney's speech and the Q&A session (two seperate mp3s) and has them available at this link (the speech cuts out a few minutes early). In the Q&A session, mine is the second question about the political risk of taking over the Big Dig . . . yes, the question that brought forth the now famous "tar baby" comment.

Additionally, this link should get you to the streaming audio (about 13 minutes) of Gov. Romney on today's "Morning in America" radio talkshow hosted by Bill Bennett . . . he states he has 2.4 million listeners/day and is the #9 radio talk show in the nation. Sounds like good exposure for Gov. Romney. Not sure how long it will be available online as free streaming audio.

Topics discussed:
The Big Dig
Welfare Reform
War on Terror/Iraq/Afghanistan
Israel and Lebanon
China and Economic Policy

One thing that struck me from the interview . . . Romney said: "we under-communicate to the world and to the American people when we call it a "War on Terror." Terror is the technique that's involved by the others side. This really is a war against radical jihadists. And we're going to have to recognize that, and see it's breath and help the world of Islam reject the extremists, because they and we together are going to have to do this."

Just after the interview Bennett said of Romney: "Clear, smart, an articulate voice thinking about the wider world as well as his own state of Massachusetts . He's shown that he can work with Democrats; the question is can he work with Republicans--because there aren't any up there . . . or at least not very many."

Great showing, once again, by our man Mitt!


Kevin Schmidt said...

Jeff - The speech shouldn't cut out early. I'll double check the .mp3 but I do have the whole speech, so if it does in fact cut out early, i'll fix it.

Jeff Fuller said...


OK Great. I'll wait to hear from you.