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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Someone on the trail with Romney

At The Krusty Konservative (a great Iowa blogsite) there is a nice review of Romney's visit start to finish (obviously from someone who is on the trail with him). Check it out.

Some highlights:

From the Gazette’s James Lynch: “Romney ‘hit all the right chords,’ Christian Alliance President Steve Scheffler said.” He was asked the Mormon question a few times and handled it very well. [Romney] is really an amazing guy in the living room, and Mrs. Romney is at least his equal – attractive, intelligent, genuine and charismatic, both of them.

I think, to a person, you’d find that Mitt exceeded their expectations. One ICA board member said “he’s the best we’ve had at one of these”, including Huckabee.

****DISCLAIMER: The Iowa Christian Alliance does not endorse specific candidates for political office. The comments above should not be construed as "an endorsement" of Mitt Romney by the ICA. *********

1 comment:

IOWACAUCUS2008 said...

I came away very impressed with Romney. BTW, David Yepsen from the Register was sitting next to me & asked me for your name when you asked Mitt your question. Sorry you didn't get a photo opp. Next time I'll get a good photo of you & our next president. Let me know when Mitt is going to be in eastern Iowa again, next time I'm bringing my wife to hear him.

Did you see my letter to the editor about Romney in the DM Register a couple weeks ago?

God Bless,
Jim Kirkpatrick