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Monday, May 22, 2006

Catholics for Romney Blog

I ran into this Blogsite called Catholics for Romney today. It seems to have stemmed from Gov. Romney's support of the Catholic Church exception from "anti-discrimination" in not allowing gay/lesbian couples adopt through Catholic programs. The Catholic adoption agencies were going to be penalized by the state until Romney sought and obtained an exemption in their behalf. This article has a nice review of Romney's recent positive interactions with the Catholic church.

So visit Catholics for Romney and encourage their continued good work in supporting Mitt. And if you're a Catholic Romney fan, offer your support at this blogsite. Those of you who have blogs . . . make sure you link to his site!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yet another disaster for Romney in conservative and LDS circles. The legitimization of the homosexual lifestyle choice by allowing homosexual couples to adopt is a big no no (those poor children as well).

While Catholics are a big voter block, their ranks are not socially conservative by and large despite the doctrines of their church and will be equally likely to vote for Hillary as for Romney as both are trying to shift themselves to look centrist.

The only thing Romney has going for him now is that conservatrives and most LDS will still vote for him if he's running against Hillary.