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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Keynote Speech--Coe College Graduation

Mitt Romney recently visited Coe College to deliver the keynote speech at their commencement and to receive an honorary doctor of public service degree.

Two news reports of the address can be found here & here

Some highlights from these articles:

>>>>>"Coe College graduates were challenged to jump into the deep waters of life, to live a purpose-driven life beyond the borders of their wants and desires. ``Our nation needs people who will launch themselves into the deep waters, who will get out of the shallows, -- who will push the boundaries of learning and profession, who will love their country enough to serve it and participate in the principles of democracy,''

>>>>>Romney encouraged graduates to be selfless. ``Get out of the shallow waters of selfishness and give yourself to causes greater than yourself,'' Romney said. ``Launch yourself into the deep waters of great causes.'' Romney said those causes include helping others and growing in faith — a theme he said resonates in the nation's heartland even as polls show cynicism about politics and government in the rest of the country.

>>>>>"Romney, who is not seeking re-election, vowed to return often to Iowa in his post as head of the Republican Governor's Association."

Looks like we'll be seeing plenty more of Mitt around here! An e-mail from a staff member @ Coe stated that his address was "very well-received."

I'm trying to find out if I can get a transcript of his speech to post here.

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