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Friday, May 12, 2006

An outside view of Yepsen's article from Power Line

A D.C. Lawyer blogs at Power Line:

"In many respects, Gov. Mitt Romney is the most attractive potential presidential nominee the Republicans have. He is bright, good-looking, articulate, and conservative. But he is also a Mormon."

"Romney contends that the small number of Christian conservatives irrevocably put off by his religion will be offset by Mormons who rally to his support. This may be true in a few states, and Yepsen thinks Iowa may be one of them. But that's mostly because Iowa has a caucus system (as opposed to a primary like virtually every other state), which means that a highly motivated group can have extra influence on the outcome."


Once again, sounds like a "call to action" for Iowan Romney supporters to me! E-mail me at to help me build a grassroots network that we can hand over to Romney once he announces his candidacy!

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