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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Krusty Impressed With Romney's Financial Strength in Iowa . .

Over at The Krusty Konservative (a popular conservative Iowa political blog) Krusty himself is impressed with the money that Romney's PAC has brought in and is distributing to Iowan GOP hopefuls. There's even a link to the actual public documents of what $ Romney brought in and from whom and to whom that money went. Interesting stuff! Some entertaining discussion/comments follows.


Anonymous said...

Lots of money can go a long way . . . but not all the way. Romney needs to prove that he's got the other pieces of the pie before I'll get too excited.

BPetersen said...

He gets my $10 donation for this election cycle. I sticks all the important issues for me.

By the way,l what does "WAR" mean among bloggers?

Jeff Fuller said...

I'll get over to Krusty's site and ask him. It seems to be positive though.

Jeff Fuller said...

From one of Kusty's commentators, "War" is "a positive shout-out from Jim Rome's show that we at Krusty have taken as our own. War getting everyone on the same page."