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Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Positive Piece about Romney in the Boston Globe?

This article in today's Boston Globe actually had some nice things to say about Romney's message and reception at the 44th annual Governor's Prayer Breakfast. I had to post it since it is such a rare occurrence.

Some notable excerpts:

Romney said: ''I think sometimes we think that because we're this high-tech state . . . that we somehow have everything under control. But all that rain from the sky reminds us that that's not the case at all. It can bring us to our knees and bring us up short."

And later he queried: "'What is it about America's culture and values that makes us such a successful nation and society? Part of that is we love liberty, we love our country . . . I believe it's also because we are a people who love God and look for a purpose greater than ourselves in life."

One Rabbi in attendance said: "'I actually thought the point about addressing the nobler and more generous side of people and human nature was very inspiring."

Another of today's articles from the Globe reviews the Mass Senates' new proposal for the budget plan. The democratic senators had a heyday planning ways to spend the "extra cash" that Mitt's balancing of the budget provided. They ignored Romneys' repeated requests to decrease the Mass. state income tax to 6% lower than it's current level (a modest and deserved reward for Mitt and the tax payers--from 5.3% to 5.0%) . They have a different concept altogether of taxes and stewardship than does Mitt. The article states: "Murray defended the decision to ignore Romney's proposal to cut the state income tax rate from 5.3 percent to 5 percent. ''We felt we would rather invest the money in education and higher education and health," she said."

If I lived in Mass., I would be livid that the lawmakers were planning how to "invest" my surplus tax dollars rather than planning how to get that surplus back to me via a tax cut.

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