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Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Pre-Iowa Blog--Misc Info

Well, Romney should arrive here in Iowa tonight or early tomorrow morning (see his planned stops below).

Some interesting tidbits in the meantime:

He was in attendance at the Kentucky Derby earlier today.

Speaking of the Derby, another Derby (The Political Derby) ranks Romney among the top 3 GOP contenders again (of the four handicappers I've seen recently, three of them have Romney in 2nd place and one has him in 3rd place--- the others are here, here, and here for interest sake) It's still very early, but Romney has had an impressive qualifying lap.

Charlie Cook in The Washington Post gave a short blurb on each of the possible GOP and Dem contenders for '08 white house. He states that Romney is “probably the brightest and most talented candidate in the GOP field.” When will the nation take notice?

And, as an FYI, I ran into another Romney State Blogsite, Washingtonians for Mitt, and it looks like Romney will be in the Seattle/Tacoma area on May 20th . . .so get the word out to family/friends in that area.

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