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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gov. Romney Proposes New Bill

Governor Mitt Romney proposed a new bill in accordance with his "personal responsibility principle" that would require non-custodial parents with financial means to pay for their childrens' health insurance . This "personal responsibility principle" is the idea that every person needs to take seriously the responsibilities that are theirs and not find ways to escape from them. Mr. Romney will continue to beat this drum while governor and along his presidential campaign as it rings so true to conservatives. This could also be an issue on which he will campaign to pass it as a federal law if elected in 2008 (current federal law only requires non-custodial parents to cover their children if they have a fitting insurance plan through their employer . . . but that kind of law sends the wrong message! . . . the right message is that if you father a child, you are responsible for supporting that child . . . period)

Some of the details of this new bill are addressed in the Governor's press release earlier today.

The Boston Globe's article regarding this new plan quoted Mr. Romney as saying:

"This is largely dealing with fathers who have not been married, who have
brought a child into the world, have escaped the responsibility of marriage and
we're saying no longer can you escape the responsibility of caring for your

"I think from a society standpoint, recognizing that as an individual one
would have responsibility for one's child for 18 years, that will have an impact
on the level of out of wedlock births"

Our nation needs more leaders like Governor Mitt Romney who will make people take responsibility for their actions (and decrease government spending in the process!) This is a truly a great plan from a truly great man!


Nathan said...

It's brilliant. Just another reason to support Mitt for 2008!


BPetersen said...

Personal responsibility and leadership is what this country needs. Keep up the good work Jeff and Nathan.