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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bits and pieces . . . a few links to other blogs.

Here's and interesting photo . . . with a little exerpt from a Cache Valley, UT blogger.

And over at another blog "Let Your Mind Alone" a two part piece called "Run, Mitt, Run" can be found here and here.


BPetersen said...

This is what I had to say to Sheldon
"Interesting article.
It is well intentioned but I have some thoughts and questions. First off, where did you get your numbers that only 40% of Americans like Mormons? Secondly, I think it is dangerous to want Mitt to run just for the benefit of the Church. He is a strong leader and as President, the whole country would benefit, if not many other countries. Will Mormonism get more publicity? Yes, but I don't think that all of it will be good. People generally will seek out the information which reinforces their own stereotypes. For most Americans, those will be good, for a few, they will be bad.
But more than adding to our Sacrament attendance, Romney, as President, would bring a larger worldview, compassion, ethics, and a spirit of volunteerism to America. As our president he would be respectable, a problem solver (and we have plenty of problems), and an impeccable communicator.
Campaigning behind Romney just because he is Mormon and might do the Church some good is a dangerous stance. That kind of attitude can only reinforce some stereotypes that suggest Mormons are trying to take over the country or convert everybody."

Sheldon said...

Dearest Bpetersen,

If you follow the links you will see that the 40% statistic is from a recent CBS news poll.

And the blog post did not say anything about "campaigning behind Romney" whether he is a Mormon or not. Rather, it was a suggestion (albeit an unnecessary suggestion, because he is already running) that he campaign himself.

Besides, I don't think there is anything more or less dangerous "campaigning behind Romney just because he is a Mormon" any more than there is "campaigning behind Romney just because he is a Republican", or any other formulation of the same phrase...

Feel free to read Part 1, about dear Reed Smoot and the effect his national political attention had.