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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Romney Responds to Rains Remarkably

Governor Romney has shown strong and responsive leadership throughout the "state of emergency" induced by the recent record-setting rainfall om Massachusetts. He has detailed a plan called "Operation Lifeline" to assist those affected by the flooding. This link reviews some of his response and in the right sidebar there is a viewable video link called "Web Extra: Gov Romney Announces Operation Lifeline" (if it's not in the right sidebar then you can "Browse" to it or hit the "Search" tab and enter "Romney" which will produce hundreds of viewable video clips that the CBS affiliate in Boston has archived. Of course, bear in mind that the Boston press has never been too kind to Romney . . . and it's worsened greatly since he announced he would not be seeking re-election)

Speaking of media bias, Gov. Romney's comment on the Good Morning America show: “We’re continuing to be very, very careful and going through our neighborhoods, securing them, and making sure there is no looting of any kind” was taken by this Boston Herald article and blasted as political grandstanding. An associate dean at Boston Univ was quoted in the article stating that Romney's comment was "unnecessary and uncalled for . . . a mistake . . . and a stupid strategy”--talk about overreacting!

Fortunately, this intelligent blog (by a PhD in New Testament Exegesis who is on faculty @ Cincinnati Christian University) calls the Boston MSM (mainstream media) on the carpet as an organized effort to demonize a strong GOP presidential candidate.

To quote a few highlights: "Too bad Mitt didn't do what the MSM expects, which is to fail to patrol, allow looting (which creates great video for the MSM), and then blame Bush for the floods created by global warming created by . . . (the) failure to ratify Kyoto. . . . What the MSM won't do is contrast the very competent response of a well-governed state like Massachusetts with the chaos in the People's Republic of Huey Long. It remains to be seen whether this is just an opportunistic shot at Romney or the MSM is determined to undermine any national appeal that this polished, accomplished, conservative Mormon Republican might have by doing this all the time."

Romney is firm, calm, clear, and direct in his leadership. He is the man our country needs at the helm!

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