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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

BIG NEWS! Doug Gross to head Romney's Iowa Arm of Commonwealth PAC

Mitt Romney's Official Commonwealth PAC website issued this press release this morning which announces Doug Gross as taking the job of heading up the Iowa division of Romney's PAC.

For those who are not versed in Iowa politics you may be wondering: "Who is Doug Gross?"

Here is his bio from his Law Firms' website.

This link gives his bio/history when he was running for Iowa Governor in 2002 and mentions:
"Despite the time it took to serve as the managing partner of one of the state's largest law firms, Gross continued to advise many Republican candidates for office and was co-chair of George W. Bush's finance effort in Iowa in 2000."
Looks like Gross knows how to spot and support a winner! He's obviously seen something special in Gov. Romney.

Over at "The Krusty Konservative" (the best conservative Iowa blog) they are discussing this improtant announcement and arguing about how important (or not) this "get" is for Romney.


IOWACAUCUS2008 said...

This is a major coup for the Romney '08 campaign. Gross will anchor the Iowa grassroots effort
& give the campaign visibility before any official announcement of a Romney 2008 run.
Jim Kirkpatrick

Anonymous said...

It is a gross proposition to give the pandering abortion pill RU-486 supporter Romney ANY visibility in Iowa.