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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Big News: Some Details About Romney's Next Visit to Iowa

Mitt Romney will be coming to Iowa again for the Iowa GOP State Convention on June 17th. The information listed in these two links is quite ambiguous about Romney's plans . . . but newly acquired inside sources confirmed that Romney will indeed be in attendance on Saturday, June 17 (I don't have info about the 18th.) The details aren't entirely ironed out at this point. But it looks like Governor Romney might be hosting a free breakfast for delegates at Hy-Vee Hall in Des Moines (tentative time 8am to 9:30.) I've also been informed that up to twenty fellow non-delegate "Iowans for Romney" could be invited to attend as well. So e-mail me ( if you are an "Iowan for Romney" who wants to be at the breakfast with the delegates and Governor Romney on June 17th!


Wolverine said...

Wow! Sounds great . . . I'll be contacting you.

iachoirboy78 said...

It will be great tto see Mitt in Iowa again!