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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Romney Gets It . . . Giuliani Doesn't"

A recent political blurb here in Iowa praises Romney (& Pataki) for their understaning of Iowa politics.

Speaking of Giuliani: "His trip illustrates he's got a few things to learn about presidential campaigning in Iowa. We do small-state, retail politics here, not the big-city stuff. His five-SUV caravan, security guards and staged media events for his national press entourage bring to mind other big-state politicians — like then-California Gov. Pete Wilson — who misfired in Iowa because they didn't understand the need to do one-on-one, grassroots work. Out here on the prairie, campaigns are more than money and media. They're about key people. George Pataki and Mitt Romney get it. Giuliani doesn't."

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