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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Latest Romney news out of Boston . . . Job growth up again!

Mr. Romney's ability to turnaround messes is simply amazing!

Massachusetts had been hemorrhaging jobs since it hit an employment peak in 2001. They lost over 200,000 jobs between 2001 and early 2004. (Romney took control in 2003 and the slope of the curve started to even out pretty quickly). Granted, much of this is out of any politicians' control as so much is based on the economy . . . but under his watch the job losses lessened through 2003 and started to recover in 2004. They have added nearly 51,000 jobs since the nadir in early 2004 and are now in the net positive since he's been governor. The numbers should countinue to improve thoughout the rest of the year until his term ends . . . yet another accomplishment to add to his list for the campaign trail.

Once again, Romney comes into a mess and things "magically" get better under his watch(see SLC Olympics, Bain Capital's history of turning around struggling companies, Mass huge budget defecit etc . . .) Either he is the luckiest man alive . . . or he's just a skilled and capable leader/manager. He may well earn the nickname "Midas Mitt" since he sure seems to have the "Midas Touch"


Anonymous said...

"Midas Mitt" . . . kind of catchy.

He does seem to have that ability, but fixing the litany of problems that face our nation may be asking too much for one man/administration.

murphy said...

True, he won't snap his fingers and solve crime, but the success rate of his track record is better than anyone's. So I'll bet he's got the best shot out of anyone when it comes to solving the nation's problems too.