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Monday, October 02, 2006

Washington Post Columnists Mention Romney's Chances in New Hampshire and California

David Broder and E. J. Dionne Jr. (highly influential political columnists for the ever-important Washington Post) both mentioned Romney in recent Op-Ed pieces.

Broder , the editorial king of presidential politics, discussed how Gov. Arnold in Cali has brought hope for the possibility of that state being back on the table for the Presidential race in 2008 (I know Ann Marie is excited about this possibility--I'm a native Californian and would love to see it go Red for Romney!).

Indeed, key Republicans here -- including some of George W. Bush's former people imported for the Schwarzenegger campaign -- think the governor's example is one that could be emulated in 2008.

Their argument is that at least three possible Republican contenders -- Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York; John McCain, the senator from Arizona; and Mitt Romney, the governor of Massachusetts -- could compete effectively for California if they made the effort.

Dionne, discussing the lay of the land in New Hampshire wrote:

Tom Rath, one of the state's most experienced Republican power brokers, loyally insists that Bush is still "personally" liked here. But Rath sees Iraq taking a huge toll on the president, partly because so many in New Hampshire's National Guard have served there and "the repetitious call-ups are disruptive to people's lives."

Rath recently announced his support for Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. His rationale is surprisingly similar to the explanations that Democrats give for the popularity of governors such as Lynch or Sebelius: Voters are in a mood for less "doctrinaire" politicians who can fix things.

Of the federal government, Rath said: "There's a feeling that this great big thing doesn't work very well." He said Republicans need to win back voters who feel they gave "the keys to the car" to their party only to have it driven "into the back of the garage." Rath sees Romney as the GOP's repairman.

That's a catchy title: "The GOP's Repairman". . . as a DC outsider, Romney has a better chance of filling this role than many other hopefuls.

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Goat said...

Mitt is the Man with the Plan. Thanks for the blog link. My coblogress and I have been typing about it for about three years now, she is a Bostonian GOP hack, I am in Sacramento, between O'Riely's website and the Barnyard we have reached a few. The roots are growing deeper and stronger!