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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Economist article on Romney

The very well-respected British publication "The Economist" recently ran an article about Romney titled "Mitt Romney's problem". I love this magazine and it has a worldwide readership.

Some highlight quotes:

Mr Romney is a scarily perfect presidential candidate. He has handsome looks—a mixture of Ronald Reagan and JFK, according to fans—and fearsome intelligence. He graduated from both Harvard Law School, cum laude, and Harvard Business School in the top 5% of his class...

John McCain has made a good job of turning himself into the party's heir presumptive. But now Mr Romney is mounting a powerful assault from the right...

On September 22nd he delighted 1,800 “values voters” gathered in Washington, DC, with a barn-storming defence of traditional marriage and patriotism. He has vocally defended Mr Bush's policies on the interrogation of suspected terrorists, and suggested that the authorities should spend more time monitoring mosques. For a growing number of conservatives he is the answer to their prayers: a man who can not only derail the McCain Express but also hold the White House in 2008.

Count me in among that group!

Mr Romney's emergence as a conservative champion owes something to luck. His two biggest rivals on the right have imploded: Bill Frist because of his lacklustre performance as Senate majority leader, George Allen because of his gaffe-ridden Senate campaign. But it owes more to years of investment. Mr Romney has not only fought harder than any other governor on “social issues”, particularly gay marriage. He has done so in the heart of enemy territory.

Amen, amen, and amen! That's something I always try to remind people . . . he's been fighting the good fight in "enemy territory."

Mr Romney won the governorship of a state where only 13% of the voters are registered Republicans, and where the congressional delegation is 100% Democratic. And he succeeded in working with a legislature where 87% of the members represent the other party. When he was elected governor of Massachusetts in 2002, he found a $3 billion budget deficit; two years later he was running a surplus of more than $700m.

And, of course, the obligatory coverage of "The Mormon Issue":
So will the whiz-kid governor be doomed by the Book of Mormon? Not necessarily. That 37% is certainly not an encouraging figure. But back in 1960 35% of people told pollsters that they would have qualms about voting for a Catholic, and in that year a Catholic reached the White House. Today, 21% of people say they would have qualms about voting for an evangelical; time may tell differently. For most voters, religion is just one factor among many that they consider: there is a difference between rejecting a generic Mormon and rejecting a smooth operator with a plan for universal health insurance.

Again, just remember that "univeral health insurance" a la Mass plan DOES NOT EQUAL SOCIALIZED MEDICINE . . . people "knee-jerk" to this conclusion all too quickly.

Great coverage for Romney. Can you feel the momentum building? Exciting times for us Romney fans!


Samuel's Bro said...


Can you direct me to the pertinent places where I can read up on Romney's health care plan. Places where I've read are usually either singing about it, or strongly opposed. But I'm fuzzy enough on the specifics that I can only talk about it with people, but if I wanted to write a blog post about it at texans for mitt, I wouldn't be able to really do it.

splitbamboo said...

Dang. You didn't include the "problem" so now I'm going to have to read the whole article.

I'm a little concerned about this prisoner treatment thingy. I'm not sure I agree with the President (and Romney) on this. Maybe you can dredge up a little as to why this is good policy...