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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Beltway Boys---Warner out potientially helps Romney, McCain or Giuliani

On Fox News show "The Beltway Boys" Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes were discussing the early "bowing out" of potential 2008 Democratic POTUS hopeful Mark Warner, and it's impact on the Democratic nomination, and the 2008 race as a whole.

They thought that Warner (a very moderate Democrat) saw that there wasn't much room to "the right of Hillary Clinton" in the race for the nomination (I continue to find that funny . . . that Hillary is occupying the centrist/moderate stance within her party). That Warner is out of the picture makes it even more likely that potential Republican nominees who are well positioned to capture much of the moderate vote (McCain, Giuliani, and Romney were the three they mentioned) would win the nomination.

Romney is the most socially conservative of those three and has a better standing among the GOP base. However, it has to be realized that he does have somewhat of a moderate streak (mostly this is just plain "pragmatism over ideology" that has stamped much of his pre-political and political life) and that is why some hard-core conservatives object to him. I also think that him being a "D.C. outsider" and not a life-long politician will help him in getting the moderate vote (looks and charisma won't hurt either, eh?)

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