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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The O'Romney Factor?

Bill O'Reilly was interviewing Ann Coulter (how's that for two non-controversial people talking together) yesterday on "The Factor" and the '08 presidential race came up. O'Reilly has said before that he thinks Romney will be our next president. ANN COULTER SEEMS TO LIKE HIM TOO!
O'REILLY: Is there anything that could make you vote Democrat? Is there any scenario that you could envision you supporting the Democrat candidate for president?

COULTER: If Zell Miller were running against John McCain.

O'REILLY: You're not a big McCain fan, are you?

COULTER: No. Actually, I don't really like any of our front-runners.

O'REILLY: Really?

COULTER: I think it's going to be somebody else.

O'REILLY: I think it's going to be Mitt Romney.

COULTER: Actually, of the ones they talk about...

O'REILLY: I think Mitt Romney is the...

COULTER: ... he's my favorite. It's somebody out of the blue.

O'REILLY: ... is the guy on the inside track that very few people know about.

COULTER: And as he's pointed out, although his...

O'REILLY: All right. One more question real fast.

Dang it Bill . . . why'd you have to cut Coulter off!?!? Wonder what she was going to say . . .

I'm pretty shocked that Coulter is warm to the idea of Romney . . . that's passing a pretty tough litmus test of conservatism. Romney's momentum is building among the "talking heads."

(Hat Tip to Yoda--posts at Krusty Konservative and Caucus Cooler a lot--for the term "The O'Romney Factor")

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