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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Anti-Romney Glenn-ites

I hesitate somewhat to write this, but I think that the infromation should be available. I'm obviously reading between the lines with a lot of what is below. Some readers here will get the hidden joke in my title above.

A few weeks back the following letter was sent to all Michigan GOP politicians/activists warning them of Romney's abortion history. Oh great . . . another "ordained minister", this time Zandstra, has problems with Romney . . . and Gary Glenn is in the middle of it (Is Chuck Yob egging it all on for McCains benefit?).

More recently, Jerry Z's MI pro-life organization has given 2008 presidential GOP hopefuls a grade on their abortion stance. Laughingly, they give Romney a D minus when he has a 100% pro-life political record as governor.

Now some more on Gary Glenn: Glenn tried to make a career of political activism in Mormon-heavy Idaho back in the 80s and 90s before taking up residence in Michigan . . . He's still got ties up there and endorsed Bill Sali for Congress in Idaho District 1--the non-Mormon district--although one of Sali's cheif rivals was a Mormon.

Although not a minister, Glenn has a strong religous background (And it ain't Mormonism)

Glenn himself sure seems to have something against Romney.

Glenn's buddy, Brian Fischer (head of the Idaho Values Alliance and retired pastor) pulled a Glenn and sent a letter just before the Idaho state convention, calling into question Romney's conservative stances. The Glenn-Fischer connection is strong. The above link gives a little detail on their organized (and not forthright and honest) attacks on Romney.

But wait . . . surprise, surprise . . . Fischer and Sali are tight too

Then Sali went back to lunch in the farthest corner of the convention hall. His dining partner was Bryan Fischer, the former pastor who caused the convention's other dissonant moment by condemning Sullivan for inviting Massachusetts GOP Gov. Mitt Romney to the convention. Fischer said Romney "has staked out some fairly radical positions on abortion and homosexual rights."

Romney, a Mormon, opposes abortion, same-sex marriage and civil unions. His sins are that in his 2002 campaign he backed domestic partnerships "in a way that includes the potential for health benefits and rights of survivorship" and said women, not government, should make choices about abortion.

For Fischer and Sali, purity comes first.

Ties between Zandstra and Glenn (Glenn --AKA "AFAMichigan" . . . posts an article to Free Republic pimping Zandstra)

This group of men seems to have a hatred of Romney that goes beyond policy disagreements. Their effort is just so passionate and so organized. It makes one wonder . . .

Now, I'm not accusing Glenn, Fischer, or Zandstra of Anti-Mormonism. However, I will say that opposition to Romney because of his religion will not be head on attacks, but will take the guise of opposing Romney on his suppossed moral misgivings. Attacking Romney on religious grounds will be taboo and any public figure doing so will lose respect quickly . . . therefore the attacks will be directed along other paths, but the root cause of their actions should always be questioned.

Since Glenn, Fischer, and Zandstra are calling for Romney to sign statements and fill out surveys about his views on abortion, I think the anti-Romney trio should likewise be willing to sign statements and fill out surveys about their views of Mormonism . . . I believe in full disclosure.

So, consider yourself informed on this trio that I call the "Anti-Romney Glenn-ites"


Anonymous said...

Yes, all the sons of Laman will get the joke.

But obviously, you are accusing Glenn and Fischer and Zandstra of being anti-Mormon.

Funny that nobody in the McCain camp accuses his critics of being anti-Episcopalian.

Why is that? Why is the ever-so-quick, knee-jerk resort to accusations of religious bigotry unique to the Romney camp?

If you can't defend your guy on the merits without demonizing his critics, you're no better than the "-ites" yourself, and you make all of us look bad.

Jeff Fuller said...

Get real Anon 11:31 (and some forthrightness by putting a name/profile with your comments).

Show me where kids in summer Bible school or a adult Sunday school courses are taught about "Religious Cults" and indoctrinated by their pastors about the evils of Episcopalianism. This is not made up stuff . . . most Protestant pastors see Mormonism as either a heretical cult or a threat (often both).

Romney's and McCain's religious affiliation are hugely different political animals. EVERY article about Romney mentions his religion, and how it will be a hurdle for him (many speculate that it's his ONLY drawback.) Never seen that for McCain.

That two of these guys are pastors is more than coincidental to me.

There is no problem defending Romney on his merits (that's where it's easy to attack McCain--he's got plenty of "demerits" in most conservatives minds).

Your argument makes it seem that Mccain folks and others are free to attack Romney's Mormonism, but Mormons aren't allowed to fight back (hey, were not that passive).

However, when salacious and mis-represented attacks fly, it's important to look for the potential reasons behind them.

Anonymous said...

My mistake, Jeff. I thought we were discussing the Gary Glennites.

Please give us the citations of their having "attack(ed) Romney's Mormonism."

I thought they'd just attacked Romney's pro-choice record and support for various gay issues, not exactly mainstream LDS.

Your insistence on making this all about religion is about as stupid as you can get, and as I said previously, you make us all look bad.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Jeff, it's obviously proof of an anti-Mormon conspiracy that two of the folks you're attacking are ministers.

Couldn't possibly be that two conservative Protestant ministers might have particular interest in the gay and abortion issues, right? That would be...unheard of? Nada.

So please explain your obvious anti-Protestant animus.

Jeff Fuller said...

Yes, what I've suggested is that there may be a anti-Mormon bent in the past/present of Glenn and Co. I can't prove it and it may be incorrect. Just speculation and probably "poor form" . . . Big deal--get over it (whoever you are)

I am not an official Romney staffer/employee so I can speculate all I want. That's part of what blogging is. (BTW, WHO ARE YOU? And why do you keep referring to "making US look bad?"--FYI, I will not be replying to any more comments in this thread unless it's from someone with an established blogger profile).

My speculation is not unfounded however . . . to see people like Glenn and Co. so passionate and outspoken against someone who's not yet officially a candidate yet does make one wonder. They don't send out messages/letters when moderate or liberal GOP 2008 hopefuls come to town. If these guys just were so passionate about the issues they they would be consistant attackers . . . they would be complaining about Allen and McCain's pro-choicey statements in the past (Romney's political record is 100% pro-life just like those guys despite some of their pro-choicey statements in the past). They would be outraged and calling for the head of Giuliani. Where is all that?--Instead, we just get the complaints about Romney . . . figure me that one O' wise "Anonymous"

Glenn and Co. won't attack Romney's Mormonism . . . and I'm not convinced that they're McCain people. However, no political activist or official COULD EVER credibly attack Romney on the grounds of his religion. It's poor form and outright bigotry (witness the ugly affair in South Carolina recently here and here).

Generally, the attacks will take on other forms . . . the exact kind we're seeing from Glenn and Co.

Anonymous said...

What I mean by "US" is this, Jeff. I think you make members of the Church look bad when you insist than any criticism of Romney's record "may"..."might"..."could be" motivated by religious bigotry.

You're the one making Gov. Romney's religion the issue, not the "Glennites."

And having googled his name, I find that Glenn has in fact publicly attacked both Giuliani and McCain, though not Allen that I can find.

So it's clear that he's not critical only of Romney. However, it's also clear from what I read on blogs and in the media that Romney's bloggers (like you) are the only ones who insist on making their candidate's religion the issue in response.

In fact, I can't find where Giuliani's and McCain's people have even given Glenn the time of day. Why are you giving him so much face time?

And you haven't yet explained your apparent religious bigotry -- what's good for the goose is good for the gander -- in attacking two of Romney's critics just because they're Protestant ministers.