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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Globe REALLY Digs in Now--Sinks to publishing private email communications

Trying to "save face" from their poorly reported stories . . . the Boston Globe writers have now come forth with their "Documents" that they were claiming showed the link between Romney operatives and the LDS church. They've even stooped to the level of publishing personal e-mails (how they were obtained is not mentioned, but I bet that is more scandalous than the "expose" that they are trying to push).

Obviously, Romney, personally is 100% clean on this one. In fact, the dubious nature of the documents makes it hard to pin anything on anyone.

However, assuming the "documents" are real, lets put this in a little perspective:

Don Stirling is NOT a staff member of Romney's PAC; he's just a consultant. His email was to Sherri Dew . . . a prominent woman in the LDS community and CEO of Desert Book (and has been on the record before as being VERY pro-Romney). In trying to tie this to President Hinckley there are just too many "degrees of seperation." The e-mail says that Sterling heard Kem Gardner say that Elder Holland said that Elder Faust and Pres. Hinckley (get the picture) "voiced no objections" to the MVP program and use of the BYU Management Society to promote it. Kem Gardner is a long-time friend to Romney and he or Stirling himself may have either 1) misunderstood, 2) exaggerated, or 3) took out of context Holland's meaning. This is all assuming that the emails are legit.

I'm sorry, but this kind of poorly founded journalism is what I expect from Hollywood tabloids, not from the Boston Globe.


Another point that crossed my mind is that all of these people are well known to eachoter. Dew, Stirling, Gardner, Holland etc . . . they're all among the "elite" of the Salt Lake City crowd. It's not a huge city and being a member/leader in the church makes that that much smaller. What I'm getting at is that this is not some targeted scheme by Romney's people to "get in good" with the church heirarchy. More likely this could just be some in the "Salt Lake Elite" excited about one of "their own" becoming POTUS (Romney's stint as SLOC chair made him an adopted member of that crowd.) Again, Romney and his PAC are 100% clean on this one. This episode just sends up a warning flare to people who personally support Romney but happen to hold positions of power in the Church/Utah/BYU to be more careful in their personal communications--you never know who may break into your system.

Addendum #2:

Great coverage of this by Guy Murray at Bloggernacle Times.

Addendum #3:

More updates here and here. See . . . Romney is 100% clean on this one.

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