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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Romney's Rise among GOP faithful--GOP Bloggers Poll shows Positive Trends

Governor Romney has made significant inroads with party activists. The political pundits have been taking note and praising Romney over the last few months. Also, trends in the GOP Bloggers Poll results over the last several months have confirmed Romney's Rise.

Romney had a net positive rating of +9.5%--lower only than Allen and Giuliani

Romney inched up to a +17.9% net positive rating--lower that Allen, Gingrich, and Giuliani

Romney's net positve rating was +32.2% g at has been the "First choice" of 13% of voters--Both below only Gingrich and Giuliani

Romney had a +41.1% net positive rating and was the "First choice" of 18.2% of voters.

Romney has jumped up to a +53.4% net positive rating and has been the "First choice" of 19.3% of voters. That high net positive rating is not just the highest Romney's had . . . it's the highest ANYBODY'S had through all of these polls. That's a GREAT sign that he's viewed more positively than anyone else in the field. He still trails Rudy and Newt in the "First Choice" category and is losing to Rudy in head to head pairing.

Romney fans can add to these great numbers (and increase his "First choice" figure) by voting in this most recent October Poll (you can actually vote on it daily at the "Poll Roll" on the right hand sidebar)


texas_tyrant8 said...


Just wanted to point out that among Rudy supporters, Mitt had a 72% favorable rating. Higher than anybody else. Correct me if I'm wrong please but what evidence is there that Rudy is actually going to run? Same with Newt, the other "top-three candidate" in these polls.
Lastly, where is the McCain support???? He had among the highest negative ratings of all candiates besides Hagel. Even in his backyard in AZ he only got 5.3% first choice votes. What's up with that?

murphy said...

With Newt and Giuliani both giving signs that they would not enter the race before this time next year (if at all), Romney stands well positioned to unite all anti-McCainites.

Newt and Giuliani are actually running for positions in a Romney administration. McCain is just getting the boot. Should be no surprise that the Maverick Senator will be Romney's most viscious smear artist, as we've seen already.

Jeff Fuller said...

Great comments from both of you! Thanks.

I'm not surprised about McCain only being the 1st choice of 5.3% of Arizonans. My uncle who lives in AZ said he "wouldn't vote for McCain for Dog-catcher". He's been around him on a few occasions and was shocked at how badly he treated his staff.

I've often thought that Romney and Rudy would share a lot of voters. They're both strong executives, successful in the private and public sectors, and strong fiscal conservatives.

I heard Newt say on Fox News that he wouldn't make an announcement about whether or not he was running until Sept 2007. THat tells me that he'll only get in if there's no acceptable candidate . . . leaving a window that he and/or Rudy will jump through.

Neither are organizing teams here in Iowa or elsewhere.