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Thursday, October 05, 2006

First Timer's Thoughts on Romney

Here's a report from a Cedar Rapidian, Kerri Davenport, who had the chance to see/hear/meet Mitt Romney for the first time at the Schulte fundraiser last week. Sounds like his standard stump speech, but I've heard it several times and it's always good. Here's Kerri's report for which we are very grateful (brought to us via Kristine Anderson who blogs at Confessions of a Moderate Conservative)
I attended a campaign breakfast for Renee Schulte on September 28, 2006. Governor Mitt Romney was a visiting guest. This was my first experience with a political meeting and I found it very interesting.

About forty people were gathered in a large, beautiful home in Cedar Rapids. A few were candidates in local races. When the governor arrived, he spent several minutes in the hall speaking with individuals and small groups. I chose to keep my seat and watch. He made his way to the front of the room and after Ms. Schulte addressed the crowd, she introduced Governor Romney. Mr. Romney opened his remarks by looking around the beautifully decorated and furnished living room and said that democrats would come into this home and say, “No one should have a home like this.” He then said that republicans would look at the same home and say, “Everyone should have a home like this.” At this point I prepared myself to be disappointed. I did not want to hear platitudes and participate in a pep rally. I wanted to hear ideas for solving some of the most pressing problems facing our

He quickly shifted his focus from entertaining to informing. Gratefully, Governor Romney stepped right into political issues and communicated effectively his perception that Asia is closing the gap with America economically and technologically. He spoke of the Jihads, the threat they pose, and how he believes that now is the most critical time in American history. He spoke of needing a purpose driven society, strong families and excellent education. After spelling out these and other issues,
he said that despite these problems, he is optimistic! He offered well-thought out,
clear and convincing answers for the issues.

I was impressed as Governor Romney asked after concluding his remarks
if anyone had questions. He fielded a few and answered knowledgably, clearly, and without hesitation. After closing his remarks, he patiently waited as many, including my friend and me, came forward to shake his hand and have a picture taken with him. I came away from this experience believing Mitt Romney will make an exceptional president!

Kerri Davenport
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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