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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Romney camp consulted with Mormon leaders

Never let it be said that I just put the "pro-Romney" articles here on my blog . . . some of the anti-Romney stuff is just pure silliness. However, this story is going to be discussed, so I'd like to hear what people think of this issue.

The Boston Globe (ever the friend to Romney) ran a story that tries to tie Romney to an endorsement by the church (or at least that's the headline and picture they're trying to paint). This isn't a major scandal, but it's not good press either.

My quick take . . . the tie to BYU and the action of the associate dean were unwise maneuvers. There will be plenty of support for Romney among members of the church. Patience is required to let it happen the right way. However, being LDS and knowing our incredibly strong record of political neutrality and following the rules (we don't do "voter guides" like other churches/Christian organizations), it is sort of bothersome that the Globe would paint the church in this light.

A companion article is here which, just by it's subject matter/title, seems to suggest that the LDS church "better watch out" or else we'll lose our non-profit tax status. Pretty annoying.

Hotline's coverage is here.

Part of their disscussion . . .

Fact: the Globe story, read closely, does not suggest that anyone in the church did anything wrong or illegal, or that Romney's aides acted improperly. Fact: Bishops of Mormon churches are forbidden from using church directories for politics, which means that Romney needs to find other ways to collect LDS church membership lists across the country.

Since Hotline is big on McCain (and therefore not too hot on Romney) it's interesting that they don't seem to see much of a scandal here.

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