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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mitt, the rising star, catches Thatcher vote

London-based The Sunday Times has an interesting article about Romney and his recent meeting with former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
In an essential rite of passage for American politicians, Mitt Romney was ushered into the presence of Baroness Thatcher at a Washington think tank last month. If not quite an official anointing, the handshake and chat with so venerable a figure was an unmistakable sign to conservatives that he was “one of us”.

The improbably handsome right-wing governor of left-wing Massachusetts is generating enormous buzz as the conservative with the best chance of beating the independent-minded Senator John McCain for the 2008 Republican nomination.

Probably my favorite quote from the article was:

As governor, Romney has already proved his appeal to swing voters. One party-goer described him as an American Tony Blair. “He’s extremely eloquent with strong convictions. He’s a visionary . . .

I've been a HUGE Tony Blair fan for years. Maybe that's part of why I found myself like Romney so much too.

Also, the article quoted Luara Ingrahm saying of Romney, "he's the man" and it also gave a "shout out" to Evangelicals for Mitt.

Great article and well worth the read

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