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Friday, October 13, 2006

LA Times: Scared of Romney?---- Jeb Bush calls Romney a "formidable" candidate

OK, tell me how and why LA Times readers would really be interested in who Gov. Romney brings in as advisors to his Commonwealth PAC . . .

OK, is it just general informative news that they're covering? I'm not buying that because Romney has been bringing in LOTS of advisors for his pre-campaign team and the LA Times hasn't cared before. So what's different about this one? Look how they introduces this and judge what their angle is . . .

Sally Bradshaw, a longtime political advisor and confidante to Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, confirmed Thursday that she has signed on as a consultant to Romney's political action committee.

Known in Florida circles as Jeb Bush's equivalent to President Bush's Karl Rove, Bradshaw will advise the Romney campaign . . .

Nice unbiased reporting guys! Linking a Romney hire to President Bush and Karl Rove (when they are hugely unpopular!) Are they trying to set Romney up as "just another Bush?" Don't look to the LA Times to be a source of positive or credible information regarding a possible Romney presidency (see here for their previous anti-Romney record)

The article finishes by tying Romney even tighter with Bush (but I think this part is good news for Romney!)

Bradshaw's decision to work for Romney also confirms that the Florida governor, who is prevented by term limits from seeking reelection, is not planning his own White House bid for 2008.

"It should be no surprise that I am not running for president," Bush wrote in an e-mail late Thursday. "After all, that is what I have told you and others in the press for a long time."

Bradshaw said Thursday that Bush encouraged her to consider working for Romney, who will appear with the governor next week in Florida at several campaign events.

Wow, that's exciting . . . Jeb sends one of his main advisors towards Romney! The article finishes . . .

Bush said Thursday that he is not supporting any candidates, but said Romney would be "formidable" if he runs.

Looks like Jeb is seeing the writing on the wall.

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