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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Just a post to say "THANKS" to all of you who visit this Blog.

This Past week the Blog hit a total of 25,000 hits and we're quickly closing in on 50,000 page views. All this since this blog launched just over 5 months ago. Thanks for visiting and we'll all "keep on keepin' on" together.

Though I'm excited about Romney's visit to Iowa today and tomorrow I am leaving the state to take the last "test" in my education/training (at least I hope it's the last . . . I don't want to shell out another $1500 to take my Oral Boards in Ophthalmology again . . . of course I only have the priviledge of doing that because I had passed my $1500 Written Boards a few months ago; I wouldn't complain if I wasn't still just making a training-level salary . . . maybe I still would--$3000 for two tests does seem like "extortion" to me.) Wish me luck!

The blog will be inactive through the weekend.


Miller said...

Wow, the price of the Boards just keeps on climbing. Good luck on the exam, and thank you for your hard work maintaining this blog. Your blog was my first serious exposure to Romney information and has helped generate excitement in many readers. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to get on board the HUCKABEE train. Romney spent a record $28 million of RGA's money and lost 8 seats. NOt to mention that most believe he spent the money in a wayto best build up his team not win Governorships. Huckabee can unite the country and the party and move us forward.

Miller said...

Romney lost eight seats? Romney worked tirelessly to boost other Republican candidates across the country. Wouldn't Bush and Washington be more accountable for the swing? Romney is not leading the country yet, but it's interesting that you suggest he has such national influence.

Romney, unlike Huckabee, has effectively remained devoted to his religion and still kept separate church and state. Huckabee is undoubtedly committed to his religion but has nominated a few too many members of his faith to prominent government positions.

That being said, Huckabee has displayed class as a governor and would be a fitting VP to Romney or effectively fill one of Romney's cabinet positions. Better yet, perhaps he could lead the RGA and attempt to retain more republican governorships that Romney has allegedly lost.

Anonymous said...

Romney spent the money to boost himself not win elections. I don't think the New England Repub is going to fair well in the south so Maybe he can be Huckabee's VP.

Samuel's Bro said...


Where are you? Do not tell me that the time spent writing great posts for this blog have distracted you and you didn't pass your oral boards. Because I don't want to be hearing that. Just get back to work boosting Romney.


Huckabee? I have no problem with the guy, but seriously.