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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Terry McCauliffe says Romney IS the "McCain alternative"

Former Democratic National Committee Chairman, Terry McCauliffe was asked by fortune magazine Washington Bureau cheif, Nina Easton, the following:

Terry, who do you predict is going to be the leading Republican alternative to McCain in 2008?

MCAULIFFE: Mitt Romney. I think he has a great business background [and] has done some great things on health-care initiatives in Massachusetts. You know, Ed and I have actually seen him on speaking engagements. He trudges around with his PowerPoint presentation. If he can deal with the religious issue [Romney's a Mormon], I think that he would be formidable.

Add one more to the list of political heavyweights that thinks that Romney's looking like "the man"


Anonymous said...

Terry is the former DNC head. He was the one that spent all that millions going after Jeb in 02.

winin08 said...

change your blog...he's bill clinton's bag man.

Jeff Fuller said...

Oops . . . thanks for the heads up to both of you . . . I thought I remembered not liking McCauliffe.