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Monday, October 23, 2006

Boston Globe's "Pious" View on Religion and Politics

The Globe has gone too far with this editorial--"Romney's Mormon Allies".

I know that I linked to the NewsBusters story previously which highlights the Globes utter hypocrisy here, but there was no link to the actual editorial.

Some of the Globe's "High and Mighty" statements:

After quoting Jesus (huge red flag when the Globe editorial staff is quoting the Bible!) saying the "Give unto Ceaser . . ." line as evidence of the importance of the seperation of church and state; obviously selectively using the Bible (I'm guessing the whole homosexual-acts-are-"an abomination" part of the Bible weren't quoted by the Globe as they supported the same sex marriage ruling by the SJC.) The Globe then sternly warns:

"The Mormon church and Mitt Romney should make sure that the church stays out of his nascent presidential campaign."


The church also ought to make sure that all its leaders, including Jeffrey R. Holland, who organized the meeting, stop helping the campaign. As one of the 12 Apostles, advisers to church president Gordon B. Hinckley, Holland's involvement is tantamount to a Mormon endorsement of the candidacy.

In light of church statements denying Holland's presumed actions during this whole affair and prior to the publication of this editorial the Globe is effectively calling Holland and the Church liars. That's just infuriating to me . . . but I guess it just makes the Globe look desperate and dishonest in the end.

Romney defended his campaign, saying: ``Clearly I'm going to raise money from people I know, and that includes BYU alums, people of my church, people of other churches." His lack of concern about the issue raises doubts about his ability to keep church and state separate should he move to the White House.

"Lack of concern"? How about Romney's rights as a politician. Is he precluded from raising money from fellow church members? This has gone too far and the Globe has reared it's anti-religious head too strongly. I wonder if they feel the same about the church of secularism . . . should liberal candidates not be able to take money from environmental groups,, trial lawyers, etc . . . ?

They finish . . .

But Romney appears all too willing to entangle religion and politics. Voters who practice a different faith, or none at all, deserve assurances that he can separate the demands of public life from the urgings of Salt Lake City.

"Urgings of SLC?" What in the world are they referring to? I'd like to hear what urgings Romney has been following. This could be the most inappropriate and outlandish editorial I've ever read from the Globe. I think they must be convinced that Romney will win the GOP nomination because they're already attacking him for a general election run.

I can only feel that this kind of religious discrimination against Romney will elevate his status among faith-based individuals of all denominations to nearly "martyr" level . . . especially when he did nothing wrong in this whole matter. Ironically, the Globe may end up being Romney's biggest ally in the end. Ya never know.

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