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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yepsen, in Iowa's Des Moines Register: So far, Romney's been most impressive Republican

David Yepsen, long-time and prominent Iowa potitical columnist, wrote a column today in the Des Moines Register titled: "So far, Romney's been most impressive Republican"

Who is Yepsen?
"David Yepsen of the Des Moines Register is generally regarded as one of the two or three most influential political columnists in the nation, given the prominence the Iowa Caucuses have in presidential politics.
Candidates and their staffs joke about having "to go to Iowa and pay homage at Mount Yepsen" if their campaign is going to be successful. When Presidents Bill Clinton and later George W. Bush have visited Iowa, they always check-in with Yepsen."

Of all the 2008 Republican presidential candidates making the rounds in Iowa, none is doing better than Mitt Romney, the governor of Massachusetts.

Romney's made a half-dozen visits to the state, all to good reviews from the locals. He's picked up the endorsement and active support of Doug Gross, the 2002 GOP candidate for governor and one of the smartest people in Iowa politics. Romney's also released the longest list of Iowa supporters, some 50 in all.

But that's all tactical progress. Now Romney's moving on the policy front by offering a 10-point listing of the issues he sees facing the nation. It's a little short on details, but that's OK — for now. This is his big-picture stuff and he titles it the "Ten Issues America Must Address to Remain the Economic and Military Superpower."

The list is here . . . go to the link for detials:

• Raising the bar on education
• Extending health insurance to all Americans
• Stopping runaway spending
• Getting immigration right
•Achieving energy independence
• Simplifying the tax system
•Investing in technology
•Defeating the jihadists
•Competing with Asia
• Affirming America's culture and values

Yepsen finishes off with:

Despite the lack of specificity at times, let's give Romney some credit. Too often, campaigns are just about money and tactics. We need to go back to a time when they also served to educate voters and build consensus for solving problems, and Romney starts to do that.
Obviously, Romney is not your average politician!


IOWACAUCUS2008 said...

Dr. Jeff-

This is excellent news and exposure for the Romney 2008 juggernaut.

Keep up the great work!
Jim Kirkpatrick

Burton Rider said...

Great article... Yepsen doesn't write it unless he means it.

Ben said...


Yoda said...

Strong are you with the ways of the Red Side of the Force....

WAr Mitt Romney