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Thursday, July 20, 2006

K-Lo "Don't Count Out The Mormon"

Kathryn Jean Lopez (AKA "K-Lo"), the editor of National Review Online and an associate editor at National Review
has some words of wisdom about Romney's "Mormon Issue" in her most recent piece "Don't Count Out The Mormon"

She starts out:

A Washington Post reporter once described evangelical voters as “poor, uneducated, and easy to command.” As we edge closer to the 2008 presidential elections, count on the press being the uneducated ones — easily led by their farcical view of religious Americans.

And later:

In the 2006 poll, self-described “liberal Democrats” were those most likely to oppose a Mormon candidate.

However, these current generic numbers, Green says, “don’t necessarily predict outcomes. The reason is that the candidates are real people with records, skills and programs — all of which can matter more at the ballot box than generalized opinions about religious groups.”

So as the discussion moves from an anonymous Mormon candidate to the real, live Mitt Romney

Near the end, she writes:

The media, naturally, will continue to miss the real story: the fact that Romney’s convictions, as they are translated into politics, might make him more, rather than less, appealing to evangelicals. This isn’t just conservative grousing, either: CNN political analyst Bill Schneider recently remarked, to the L.A. Times, that “the press is one of the most secular institutions in American society. It just doesn’t get religion or any idea that flows from religious conviction.”

So can a Mormon be president? Save that question until Romney announces. And ask it again after people have had some more exposure to him . . .

Once again, K-Lo is right on the money! (maybe she read my blog entry from two weeks ago on the same issue . . .)

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