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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Mitt Romney Google Calendar--Unofficial

Some visitors to this blog may have noticed the "Google Calendars" icon on the right side and the bottom of the page. I created this calendar named "Mitt Romney Visits and Events", a publically viewable calendar, as a means of keeping track of Romney's upcoming visits as well as a way to chronologically catalogue important articles/interview/videos etc . . . (by clicking on any event you will find URLs that link to the relevant sites for that event). Nobody working on the calendar is currently "plugged in" with the Romney folks and so we don't get any "heads up" on his plans much beforehand

I can add anyone who is interested to edit/update the calendar. Just contact me and I'll get you signed on and I would appreciate help in this effort. Also, anyone can add this same link to their websites/blogsites. Let me know and I'll send you the code

Also, a big "thank you" to my friend and co-worker, Jim Howard (who also runs an interesting Blog about one of his ancestors), for introducing me to the "Google Calendars" system. It's pretty cool!


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