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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!!!

What a wonderful country we live in! I am so grateful for the sacrifice of our founding fathers and the continued courage of our nation's leaders and military in protecting our lives of independence. This is truly a day to celebrate! Happy 4th!

Romney believes in Independence . . . both as a political ideology and as part of his consistent effort to support public policy in line with his "personal responsibility principle." In essence, this "personal responsibility principle" is a desire that Romney and many other conservatives have of helping others achieve the satisfaction and freedom that come from being "personally independent" (i.e. not depending on the government or other institutions for permanent "hand outs" etc . . .)

Also, Jason at Illinoisians for Mitt has a nice personal story/opinion piece called "Mitt Romney and Values" that fits nicely with this patriotic holiday. Check it out!

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