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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mass. Adds LOTS of Jobs & Another Review of the Mass Healthcare Plan

Over at Illinoisians for Mitt, Jason Bonhan has linked to a Boston Globe article reviewing the good news on job growth in Mass. This is GREAT NEWS for Romney as he is a strong pro-business politician and could have been knocked if there was a net loss of jobs over his term. He slowed the loss in his first 2 years (they were hemorrhaging jobs before that) and the rebound has been going for two years. Check out his recent blog entries . . . some good stuff.

Also, Paul Schoeney at Coloradans for Romney has a GREAT review of the Mass Healthcare Plan he titled: "MITT'S MASSACHUSETTS MARVEL: Healthcare makeover improves efficiencies, broadens reach." Many of you may know of my interest in Romney's healthcare plan and my desire to help solve the problem of the uninsured. Romney's plan is the most acceptable out there to a conservative physician like myself.


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