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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Romney Again Shows Strong Leadership in Tough Times

I helped contribute to the following post at Elect Romney in 2008 blog (that Ann Marie Curling got going)

It's unfortunate that it took the death of a woman for this finally to be taken seriously. Take a look at the article, and see just how strongly Governor Romney is reacting to this unfortunate situation.

For video at USA Today of Governor Romney's Remarks click this link.

More video from CBS 4 in Boston (you can search the archives and search for the 7/11/06 video called "Web Extra: Romney to Take Legal Action to Remove Amorello" which has the entire press conference . . . see Mitt miffed (and even with a few hairs out of place!)

PRESS RELEASE from Gov. Romney's Website
Additional comment added later:
Gov. Romney has been trying to lead strongly on the Big Dig Fiasco for years now, but had his hands tied by, surprise, that good old Mass Supreme Jucicial Court:
Romney, a Republican considering a run for president in 2008, has long been critical of Chairman Matthew Amorello's management of the Big Dig, the $14.6 billion highway construction project that is the central artery through the city.

Last year, the state's Supreme Judicial Court refused to referee the long-simmering feud between Romney and Amorello. Romney had asked the state Supreme Judicial Court to issue an advisory opinion clarifying the governor's ability to remove the head of authority. The court said it would issue no opinion because the question did not have legal urgency.

Yeah . . . they've been too busy dealing with more URGENT issues, like changing the millenia-old definition of marriage to include gay couples. But I digress . . .
But Romney said the list of management failures has grown and the case against Amorello would be strong enough to sustain his removal. He called Amorello secretive, uncooperative and resistant to oversight.
From a Christian Science Monitor article:
Monday's tragedy comes two years after Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R), who is rumored to be considering a bid for president in 2008, demanded that Amorello resign his post as director of the Turnpike Authority. Governor Romney was angered by revelations that several turnpike officials knew about leaks in the tunnel's structure preceding an incident in September 2004, when water and construction materials leaked onto the traffic lanes of Interstate 93.
Romney cut short his vacation to come deal with the crisis
At a local liberal rag The Phoenix, a writer incorrectly blamed this tragedy on Romney and had the poor taste to infer that there was blood on Romney's hands. Yeah, let's blame the guy who's been on the right side of this issue from day one, but who the legislative and judicial branches has stymied on each of his attempts to remedy the situation. If you're going to blame anyone in local leadership, why does the democratic legislature and liberal Supreme Court get a pass from this guy? A sorry excuse for journalism.

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