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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Which 37% problem would you want?

We've all been making quite a big deal out of the 37% that don't want a Mormon POTUS. However, someone else on the other side of the aisle has a bigger 37% problem than Romney! Whose "problem" would you rather have?


worcesterfather4life said...

A Freeper--no wonder--Romney weak on everything including real leadership infront of his legislature and press. He'd be a joke in front of Congress and a real international threat--shame on Iowa--

worcesterfather4life said...

Catholics for Romney --I'm a Catholic and my family is LDS, do "these" Catholics for Romney know that LDS believes the Catholic church failed and that they LDS is the new version of a failed Catholic Church? Read someliterature other then Weekly Standard Mr Fuller ( Out of school yet by the way?)

Jeff Fuller said...


I invite more of your comments.

If you are representative of the "anti-Romney" movement then I think that we are in good shape. I'm willing to forgive some errors in grammar/spelling/punctuation since many people "go for speed" while commenting. However, it looks like it took you FIVE full minutes to come up with the two powerful sentences in your last comment.

Yes, I'm done with school . . . and a whole lot more than you I'm sure ("Mr. Fuller" is fine if you are not insulting my intelligence, but, since you are, that's "Dr. Fuller" to you!) If you did complete school "then" you didn't seem to learn much of what was being taught.

RomneyWA said...

Nancy over at "Tennesseans for Mitt" had almost an identical comment as this first one. It was from someone named "bostongop" but reference both the "legislature" and "press". I doubt this is a coincidence.

Just thought you might find this intresting. Keep up the good work Jeff, you've got mad blogging skillz.

Anonymous said...

mr. Worchesterfather, before you start talking about mormon beliefs, i suggest you learn about them.

to my knowledge of the LDS faith, the don't believe the catholic church failed, and the mormons are 'a new catholic church because it failed'

sillyness your claim is.

Nathan said...

There are two or three anti-Mitt nutjobs out there trying to cause problems on various "for Mitt/Romney" blogs. One of them has been harassing me by e-mail for a few days. He can't spell and most of his sentences make no sense at all. It's annoying, but a little bit funny too. It's like reading e-mail from a third grader.


Anonymous said...

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