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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Iowa Online Update and Other Stuff

A new Iowa 2008 GOP presidential blog has hit the scene: The Caucus Cooler (catchy, eh?) promises to be source of great information for the 2008 presidential raceIn their "The Cooler Line" they have Romney as the odds-on favorite to win the Iowa Caucus at 2-1 odds. They also have an interesting poll (further down on the right) asking who will pull out of the race after their poor showing in Iowa. I voted for Romney a couple of times before I really read the question! . . . so weigh in with who you think will drop out first.

Iowa's most active conservative political blog "The Krusty Konservative" has recently introduced "Krusty's Six Pack" stating:
"Today’s Six Pack is the first of many that will look at who are the Top three Republican 08ers in Iowa. To complete the Six Pack the other is filled with three 08ers we need to keep our eyes on."
And, guess who tops his list too . . . Romney again!

Some other stuff:

Again, McCain reminds us all why he lost the support of the conservative base and subsequently lost in 2000. Looks like he hasn't learned from his past mistakes.

Romney helped raise $70,000 at a fundraiser for Arkansas gubernatorial nominee, Asa Hutchinson, and Giuliani is following suit.

And what would a day be without the obligatory addressing of the Romney/Mormon issue? Hearkening back to the 1960 presidential campaign:
Everyone knew if Kennedy were elected, the Pope would be running the country. If you didn’t know, it was pointed out to you from the pulpit every Sunday. What to do?

The solution for a lot of fundamentalist Christians was not to vote for Kennedy. They voted for Vice President Lyndon Johnson. . . .

It might have been the last election in which the choice of vice-president mattered. Without Johnson on the ticket, Kennedy could not have won. It was also the last election in which the religion of a presidential candidate was an issue. Until now.

I've wondered before: If Romney manages to get the GOP nomination without capturing much of the south would he pick a running mate like Huckabee (or Allen, or Jeb Bush) to help appease fears of southern social conservatives? Could be interesting.

He finishes his article:

The Democrats have learned they can’t win the presidency without the South. Take away southern governors (Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton), the Democrats are 0-7 in presidential elections since 1968.

In 2008 the South will be given a choice. McCain? Not likely. Giuliani? Maybe he’s just a little too liberal. George Allen? Could be the worst presidential candidate since Phil Gramm. That could leave Romney as the last best hope for the Christian Right. If they can get by that Mormon thing.

Interesting take.

For anyone who's into online polls voting for Romney, here's a list of some active ones:

Iowa sites:
The Krusty Konservative
The Caucus Cooler (don't forget to not vote for Romney at this one since that would mean you think he will be the first to drop out after the Iowa Caucuses).
Watersblogged! (may have to scroll down quite a way if you use IE instead of Firefox as your browser)

Citizen Outreach (click on "Survey Says!")
Straw Poll 2008 (with an overall running poll, a daily poll, and a junk poll-unlimited amounts of votes and some Allen supporter went crazy with a couple of weeks back)
The Next Prez

Most of these polls let you vote in them daily.

Let me know if there are other polls out there to which I should call attention.


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