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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Romney on Hugh Hewitt Show discussing Big Dig, Israel vs. Hezbollah Conflict, and Mass Ammendment for Traditional Marriage

Full text is available here and the audio here.

Some highlight quotes:
". . . there is a tiny slice of people who are bent on playing by entirely different rules. And it's a rule of terror, and this is something which the civilized world has to stand against."

" . . . there's no question but that the Hamas government has not been the kind of democracy and leadership that we'd hoped for.
. . . we've obviously got a real problem with this Hamas government."
And onto the Big Dig issue:
"it's really time for this Turnpike Authority to have new leadership, and to get the team that's there out of the way so an independent, non-political group can take over."

"I've actually been asking him to resign for almost two years now. I made a public request for him to resign, to step aside, to let the state transportation department run this system. He refuses to do that. The Legislature gives him the kind of protection he wants, in part, because he hands out patronage jobs. And so they give him what he wants, and it's really wrong. And I think people are recognizing that when you put people in charge of a major project whose main skill is political rather than engineering and construction, you end up with something which is unsatisfactory."
Also, recently the Mass State Legislature decided to delay their vote on whether or not to allow a public vote for the constitutional ammendment defending traditional marriage and striking down the 2003 SJC decision OK'ing gay marriages. They only needed 50 of the 200 legislators to approve it and knew that it was going to pass through, and so put it off. Romney said of this action:

"Both the major papers in the Boston market (Globe and Herald) called on the legislature to have this go to a vote. And the legislature then saw where the votes were going to fall. They saw that the votes were going to fall in favor of traditional marriage, and so they held off the vote again. They postponed it. And I think...I actually think that there may well be a response from the public as well as from the media condemning a decision to push this off, although there are a lot of progressive elites that want to make sure that gay marriage stays in Massachusetts.

". . . it's very frustrating, but I think they're mistaken if they think that democracy delayed will be democracy denied. Ultimately, the people are going to have the final say on this. It's too important an issue to just go away."

Great stuff again from our Man Mitt!


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