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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Romney's Alleged "Job Deficit" Wiped Out By June Job Surge

Over at Massachussetts-based Hub Politics we get an insight into the difficult situation Romney has had trying to deal with an overwhelminly Democratic legislature.

Romney's Alleged "Job Deficit" Wiped Out By June Job Surge

Democratic logic says that when a Democrat is in charge, good news is great news; there is no bad news.

Democratic logic says that when a Republican is in charge, there is no good news.

Case in point, reactions to the news that 4,400 jobs were added to Massachusetts payrolls last month, technically ending the so-called "job deficit" during the Romney administration.

Starting with the official response from the Romney administration...

"State revenues are surging; jobs are up; and people are feeling more confident about the Massachusetts economy," said Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney's spokesman. "This is a dramatic turnaround from the dark days of the economic and fiscal crisis that Governor Romney faced when he took office 3 1/2 years ago."

As Governor, Mitt Romney has not had the luxury of a state legislature that is willing to approve his fiscally conservative policies, highlighted in particular by the legislature's failure, or rather, lack of desire to rollback the income tax.

If the Democrats haven't approved any of Romney's economic stimulus policies, how can they suggest his administration has been lackluster with regards to job creation? . . .

While Romney has been almost virtually powerless during his administration due to the 87% Democratic legislature, one can only wonder how much sooner this so-called "job deficit" would have been wiped out had the Democrats approved Romney's economic policies, let alone the income tax rollback that we citizen voted into law the day we voted Romney into office.

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