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Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's official . . . Romney IS coming this weekend to Iowa

It's official (link) . . . Romney IS coming this weekend to Iowa! (barring any disasters in his state I'm sure)

This is after the nice opportunity to dine with the Cheney's and Massachusetts historian/author Nathaniel Philbrick tonight.

We sure are looking forward to having him!


R N Jackson said...

I am shocked and disappointed by Gov. Romney's use of the racial slur "tar baby" while he was in Iowa this weekend. How could he not know this is a slur after all the trouble Tony Snow got in for using it. It is insensitive and it only shows that Sen. Kennedy was right when he said Romney is a member of a "white boys club."

Paul S said...

when I read your comment I thought no way....but I googled it up and there it was big as day...


Jeff Fuller said...

I was at the event when he made the comment. I think the response of rn and paul s is a typical reactionary repsonse to Republican leaders in painting them as racists. Biden sure got a pass from the liberal media on his Indians and gas station comment which actually WAS a racist statement (he was speaking of a racial stereotype, Romney wasn't even addressing the topic of race).

Here, Romney used this common colloquialism, "tar baby", to appropriately describe what a "sticky situation" the big dig is. Look up "tar baby" in the dictionary and you'll get this:

tar baby

A situation or problem from which it is virtually impossible to disentangle oneself.

[After “Bre'r Rabbit and the Tar Baby,” an Uncle Remus story by Joel Chandler Harris.]

Sounds like Romney used the term correctly and there was absolutely no reference to race in the comment. It's people like rn and paul s that are the reason that racism is propogated . . . continually "race baiting" and beating the drum to keep it a issue instead of letting us all get over the distant past and move ahead.

romney 4 me 2 said...

I dont think it was used in a racist way. It was just stupid and insensitive. Especially after Kennedy had so much success painting him as a member of the "white boys club."

He needs to apologize and do it fast.

Jeff Fuller said...

All three of the "tar baby" comments above are coming from one person who is using multiple names and posting the same stuff about the "tar baby" issue. I've tracked the three comments by three "different" authors at my blog and "surprisingly" they have a common source. They are coming from the same IP address in . . . . LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS.

I sure hope that this is not some Huckabee staffer/person . . . I really doubt it is, but with staffers posting anonymously at the Caucus Cooler and at Krusty Konservative, ya gotta wonder. I just think it's inherently dishonest to post under different names when it's all coming from the same source.

I do not think Romney should apologize because he used the correct term correctly (apology is often an "admission of guilt"). However, since a certain population of "race baiters" (exactly 1.5% would be voting in the GOP primary and 5.873% might consider voting Republican in the general election) may be offended, it may not be wise to use it in the future, though even if he did it would not lose him many votes. (Just my opinion, of course, sorry if it's a little "calloused")

Anonymous said...

uhhhhh....Jeff, I know you are a doctor and all but if someone does not have a static ip address it will show up in some crazy place. You can't tell where someone is if they are using a service that uses a proxy, i.e. aol, wal-mart.

Anonymous said...

uhhhhh....Jeff, I know you are a doctor and all but if someone does not have a static ip address it will show up in some crazy place. You can't tell where someone is if they are using a service that uses a proxy, i.e. aol, wal-mart. -mart.

Jeff Fuller said...

But why then does do the visits to my site and the time of the comments match up perfectly with the MULTIPLE VISITS from Little Rock, Arkansas throughout today? They all have the same IP address too. Maybe it is through a central server, but the fact that three different posting names all from the same server in Little Rock, Arkansas is at least an organized effort, and, most likely, the same person.

Anonymous said...

You are correct, it could be the same person. I just checked where I am being shown as from and it is NYC! I'm in Iowa City but someone just might think it would be a Pataki supporter.

PS:You are much cuter in person!!!

Jeff Fuller said...

Over at "Caucus Cooler" (linked in by blogroll of Iowa Political sites) he said in the comments section of "The Big R" entry: "Jeff we'll check into the isps further, but a quick look leads us to believe you are going to be right."

And thanks for the compliment (I think that was a compliment).

Jeff Fuller said...


Caucus Cooler caught the same person (posting under three names about this "tar baby" issue) and commented to them:
"It does appear that all 3 tar baby comments came from the same ISP in Little Rock, AK. We're going to allow anonymous comments on here so we are consistent, but if you are posting the same thing under different names we will call you out. Little Rock, that's you."

What a dishonest person to pull stuff like that!

Anonymous said...

Jeff - I meant it as a complement!

Anonymous said...

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