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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cal Thomas "Troubled" by Recent Religion/Politics Poll

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated conservative columnist and regular political pundit on Fox News. His Wikipedia entry states "He is the most widely syndicated op-ed columnist in America with more than 600 newspapers carrying his twice-weekly column, syndicated by Tribune Media Seervices" and "He also gives a daily radio commentary, which is heard on over 300 stations" . . . in other words, this is a guy you would definitely want on your side in a national political race . . . especially in the GOP primary.

Anyway, Thomas recently weighed in in an op/ed piece titled "Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney: 1. He's smart 2. He's conservative 3. He's Mormon; Would you vote for him?" at this source and "Can a Mormon be President?" at (highly recommended to go to Townhall source as you can make comments and "rate" the column highly to increase readership! . . . you have to click on comments at the top of the article to see what people have written . . . they anti-Mormon crowd is out in force this morning . . . )

He starts off by describing four "hypothetical" candidates that might be running for POTUS in 2008. His fourth he describes this way:
"The fourth candidate is a Mormon, who is married to the same woman he started out with, is pro-life, opposes same-sex marriage, wants taxes and government spending cut, would put more conservatives on the Supreme Court and appears consistent in his private and public behavior."
I think we all know who "fits that bill." Thomas continues by weighing in on the recent Poll that has been the "buzz" of the Romney world the last few days (see previous posts here):
"According to a new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll, if you are a conservative Christian voter, you are more likely to vote for the Protestant, Catholic or Jewish candidate before you would vote for the Mormon, though he is more in line with your political philosophy."
Cal Thomas doesn't pull any punches . . . he's "calling out" those who might throw out the baby (Romney) with the bathwater (Mormonism)

One of his concluding points is an "instant classic" in my mind:
"If an ambulance hits me, I care less where or how the driver worships than I do about his sense of direction to the nearest hospital. It troubles me not that a Mormon might be president."
Glad that Thomas is on the record that he is part of the 63% that have no problem with having a Mormon POTUS.
"It does trouble me a great deal that so many people would think a person's faith - whether one shares it or not - should be the only reason to deny someone the presidency."
Some great stuff, as usual, from Cal Thomas! This will be read by millions of people and bodes well for Romney. These kind of polls may help Romney more than they hurt him!


LDS Patriot said...

Excellent post! Go Cal, go Cal...

LDS Patriot

Anonymous said...

Jeff, read the article and some of the comments with it. Shame that people can be so blinded to the point that everything they do is try to 'disprove' one religion, or even disparage it and some of it's sacred teachings. I do not pretend to be an expert on religon and politics; however, I do not believe that this is the mainstream thought of people in the South (live here). When people find out that such a conservative is running, many states should fall in tow to this canidate.

How much would picking up someone like Gov. Haley Barbour (R-Miss) or Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-Ark) help Gov. Romney?

Jeff Fuller said...

Huckabee would be a great add as an "endorser" or (assuming Romney gets the GOP nomination) would be a great VP and could neutralize 90% of the evangelical fears about Romney (he's a former Baptist minister).

Don't know too much about Barbour . . . Fill me in, if you please.

Anonymous said...

Barbour is the wildly popular, conservative govenor of Mississippi. During Katrina, while Nagin et. al from New Orleans were griping, Barbour was already making it right. Very folksy. Connects with typical southern (country, baptist) people that may not vote for romney.

Anonymous said...

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