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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fellow "Iowans for Romney" Making a Difference

Jim Kirkpatrick, "Iowan for Romney" extraordinaire wrote a letter to the editor (published July 21st--the last one on the page, just scroll down to it) in reply to Yepsen's piece last week about how Romney is the most impressive Republican so far.
Here's what his letter says:

Mitt Romney in '08?

I enjoyed reading David Yepsen's July 11 column, "So Far, Romney's Been Most Impressive Republican."
I'm glad to see Yepsen recognize the GOP's rising star.
I've had the privilege of hearing Gov. Mitt Romney speak. He's a charismatic public speaker who has an outstanding track record as an innovator and turnaround specialist.
He rescued the 2002 Olympics from financial ruin and has worked successfully with a Democratic legislature while governing Massachusetts.
I'm no gambler, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Mitt and his family residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. come January 2009.
- James Kirkpatrick, Fayette

Also, Keith Steurer, a fellow Johnson County "Iowan for Romney" and a structural engineer (and native of Madison, Wisconsin) has written a letter to the editor in reply to this opinion piece from Madison, Wisconsin paper The Capital Times that tried to place blame on the "Big Dig" catastrophe and in defense an intial reply in defense of Romney. Here's what Keith has submitted . . . let's hope that they'll have the integrity to run it.

Pointing Fingers, Still Wrong About Romney
Dear Editor- In response to the July 17th editorial and subsequent rebuttal on Mitt Romney, I feel that you are still wrong about Romney. Romney is not a “promise-breaker”. The BIG DIG is a huge undertaking, and assuring safety of the entire project is a huge task. A task that Romney felt was too big for the Turnpike Authority Chairperson Amorello. Mitt Romney has attempted to take control from him for years, but has repeatedly been challenged by, in his own words, "a culture of obstruction and cover-ups". As a native to Madison, and having worked as a structural engineer in Wisconsin, I have witnessed glimpses of such a culture in Wisconsin. By trying to cut costs or push a project along, bad decisions can compromise safety on every project, and inspectors find it difficult to control. Romney identified these practices on the BIG DIG, and did all he could do to keep his promise. Romney had asked the uncooperative Amorello to step down for years, and in 2005, he turned to the MA Supreme Judicial Court to have him removed, but the Supreme Court refused to address the issue stating that it "did not have legal urgency". He has tried to fix the problem, but has repeatedly been overruled by those above him. Even as governor, some things are out of his control. Like Massachusetts, Wisconsin is no stranger to corner cutting, wasteful spending, and bribery in WisDOT projects, but at least the MA Governor is trying to fix the problem.

Both Jim and Keith were invited to join Governor Romney's Commonwealth PAC Iowa Advisory Board as charter members after signing on board with "Iowans for Romney" and showing dedication and political action like what we've witnessed above. Great job Jim and Keith! We're lucky to have you two on Team Romney and we need more like you!

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