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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Romney takes a respectable "silver", McCain continues dirty politics

Romney placed second in Florida, and gave a great speech. By contract, McCain gave a mediocre politicized speech. Let's compare! Feel free to watch both, and notice the following:

1. Romney did not use a teleprompter, McCain did, and looked as if he'd never used one before. He can't remember more than 3 words at a time. He's nothing but a Washington-insider puppet that the Democrats are happily supporting so that he can divide the republican party. Could anyone list all the people McCain owes favors to on a single legal pad of paper? Probably not. OK, back to the comparisons...
2. Romney talked about all core conservative values, McCain talked about national security since thats his only conservative edge.
3. Romney talked about his plan for America, McCain didn't.
4. Romney talked about the road ahead, McCain bragged about his endorsements.
5. Romney took the time to offer his respect for "W" in his speech, McCain continues to slam "W" in order to gain popularity. McCain is such a hypocrite. I saw him just 4 years ago in Madison, WI speaking on behalf of George W. Bush as a surrogate, touting what a brilliant man "W" is, and now he is trashing him to gain popularity. And when I saw him, the war in Iraq had already started, and he was praising the operation back then.
7. Romney had his family surrounding him, McCain had his wife and daughter, and some more off stage, but what I thought was weird was the random woman that ran up to him after his speech and hugged him before his wife could even get to him. (huh?)

Let's face it, McCain represents all those in Washington, dems and republicans, who are scared stiff to think that Romney could win the election to become President. They all know he will cut spending, and bring down all of their corruption. Run little rabbits, run!




Anonymous said...

McCain and the great State of Florida just pounded another nail into the political coffin of one Willard Mitt Romney. Bring on Super Tuesday and McCain will pound many more nails into Mitt's political coffin. Maybe then we will see the end of the Romney Death March political campaign. As soon-to-be President of the US John McCain likes to say, "Victory is so sweet."

Big Jay said...

I'm not upset about McCain winning agaisnt Romney. See my thoughts in the above post.

HawkeyeState said...

McCain would be a disaster as our nominee...would be Bob Dole '96 REDUX..democratic electoral landslide. McLiberal is no conservative!!!!