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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Huckabee has opened the bag of dirty tricks South Carolina

It looks as if Huckabee's dirty background support groups are push-polling in South Carolina, and slandering Romney, McCain and Thompson. The first two I understand, but Thompson? He's not really a threat, but I suppose they are covering all their bases. Interesting that they did not even show up in Michigan. Romney is the only candidate who has CONSISTENTLY CAMPAIGNED IN EVERY STATE. The others have picked and chosen the states where they thought they had the best chance. So long as Romney keeps bringing in the Gold Medals, he'll win the nomination despite a couple of silvers.

Excerpts: (Original Article from

Huckabee began circulating a statement accusing Romney backers of smearing him through The Club for Growth — an economic watchdog that has aggressively gone after the former Arkansas governor for raising taxes in his state.
Huckabee’s campaign released a list of seven Romney donors it claims
have given at least $585,000 to The Club for Growth. “What does $585,000 buy you?” a campaign statement asks. “It bought Mitt Romney backers a smear job against Mike Huckabee orchestrated by Beltway insiders.”
The Club for Growth held its own press conference Wednesday to slam what it calls Huckabee’s “liberal economic record,” but the blast against Romney is particularly poignant, not only because he is a successful businessman who has funded a good portion of his own campaign, but because the former Massachusetts governor has been running on the theme that Washington is broken and must be fixed by someone outside the I-495 loop.

Why is he so concerned that Romney supporters have donated to the club for growth? Even if they did, they have the right to. And who are the other thousands of CFG donors? If he trying to draw ties from them to every other candidate. I guess he is tired of hearing the truth in their commercials.

Elsewhere, however, a group of McCain supporters known as the South Carolina Truth Squad issued a statement condemning reported push-polling efforts by Colorado-based Common Sense Issues, which has been allegedly distorting McCain’s record on abortion. The pro-Huckabee organization ignored early pleas by their candidate to stop previous push polls.

We got similar push-polls here in Iowa, but they were against Romney and his religion. They were obviously from one of the many Huckabee dirty-trick factories cranking out push-poll calls.

Meanwhile, former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, who has yet to win a contest and has marked South Carolina as a line in the sand, also accused Huckabee’s backers of using push polling to distort his record on illegal immigration and abortion.
Thompson, who has repeatedly stated that he must do very well in South Carolina, decried rumors being floated that Huckabee’s campaign had asserted the former Tennessee senator was only staying in the race to pull votes from Huckabee and help his old friend, McCain. “It’s an attempt by the Huckabee campaign to get me to attack McCain so they don’t have to,” Thompson said. “Huckabee hasn’t said anything about McCain … mighty strange that McCain is leading the race and their focus is on me … just kind of South Carolina politics.”


Dragon said...

What Romney likes about CFG is that it supports him and spins Huckabee's record. Anytime you take a small clip out of context, it will give the wrong impression (as in the CFG Youtube ad). Anytime you write a paper using only sources that support your position, you are being dishonest.

Dragon said...

"Sen. Fred Thompson, who has yet to win a contest and has marked South Carolina as a line in the sand, also accused Huckabee’s backers of using push polling to distort his record..."

Thompson does not realize there are many other actors out there, throwing mud. He should.