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Saturday, January 19, 2008

94% of Nevada Mormons DID NOT Vote for Mitt (Contrary To Media Reports)

Check out this . . .

Dems Exit polling shows that 3% of those participating in the Democratic were Mormons.

I'm guessing NONE of them voted for Romney (sarcasm intended).

With voting totals around 115,000 in the Dem race (I saw that number on Fox News) that would come out to approximately 3500 LDS voters NOT voting for ROmney.

By contrast, 25% of the GOP caucus in NV that were Mormon with nearly 45,000 total GOP voters --- therefore around 11250 LDS voters and 94% of them were for Romney . . . but that means nearly 500 were not.

So, 4000 LDS in Nevada voted "Not for Romney" and 10,750 voted for Romney. That breaks down to 73% LDS for Romney and 27% LDS that were not for Romney. Not quite the absolutely robotic block-voting groups that many media outlets are trying to play up.

Interesting, eh?


mommyfrisbie said...

Interesting to me that NO where can you find much positive about Mitt Romney. He has twice as many delegates and they treat him like he is some kind of fluke. I don't believe I have ever seen anything like this before. Robotic block-voting? So you are baptized, and you lose all your brain cells and can no longer make a decision by yourself? Let's give breathing, sensible people a break. I am glad he is doing so well, I just wish the media would quit trying to control who becomes president.

Becky June said...

Yeah. Out of my congregation I know of 2 Ron Paul precinct captains, and one for John Edwards. And me, the lone wolf Romney precinct captain.

Of course Mormons largely broke for Romney. But even if you subtract every single mormon vote, Romney still won solidly among every demographic.

Anonymous said...

There is a simple explanation for this. The 27% of Mormons who said they did NOT vote for Romney were lying. Mormons have a long rich history of telling lies and being deceitful. Glad I could straighten this out for you. Just look at all of the lies that Romney has been caught on.