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Monday, January 07, 2008

Now Playing: Post-Debate Panel: "Very Good Night for Romney"

Sunday's Debate on Fox news showed a solid win for Mitt Romney. See Frank Luntz's focus group give Mitt the Thumbs Up!


Anonymous said...

Mitt has called back all of his major fundraisers to have a huge national donation day like that had early last year where Mitt raised over 6.5 million dollars in one day and really sparked his campaign which everyone had called a longshot.

This January 9th, Mitt is ready to fully capitalize on a win in New Hampshire by simply overwhelming everyone else in the race with the momentum the win and this fundraiser will create. We are just part of this massive effort.

Please go to and sign the pledge! Please promote this every way you can! After Mitt wins New Hampshire, we will help his momentum become unstopable! As a voter who wants to beat the democrats, it is important that the Republican Party unite behind Mitt Romney and provide him with the strength that he will, in turn, give to America!

Anonymous said...

As the 2008 elections are upon us, many people are discussing the various candidates' records and statements. I encourage you all to be informed voters about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney by visiting the following site:

I hope that you will all make a well-researched voting decision.

Anonymous said...

Well at least Mitt won Wyoming. Small consolation that, but consolation for Camp Romney nevertheless. But he outspent Huckabee 10 to 1 in Iowa and got hammered. He outspent McCain by a similar margin in New Hampshire and got hammered there too. Mitt was well known as a frugal manager during his days at Bain Capital (witness the thousands of people laid off due to the corporate austerity measures he instituted) but there is nothing frugal about wasting tens of millions of dollars in a vain (and increasingly futile) attempt to get people to like him.

Now it’s off to Michigan where in spite (or perhaps because) of Mitt’s history there the 2 largest newspapers in the state have already endorsed McCain. With another disastrous loss there Mitt risks being a well-coifed afterthought in the 2008 campaign.

In his concession speech last night Mitt reminisced about how well he got to know the people of New Hampshire during the campaign. Unfortunately for Mitt however, the people of New Hampshire got to know him as well, and they clearly did not like what they learned. They got to see what the people of Iowa and Massachusetts already knew; that behind the polished fa├žade lurks a shameless prevaricator, a man ruled by political expediency who will say anything, change any position, violate any trust--all with a smile. Mitt has spent millions to sell himself to primary voters, but he has found out the hard way that insincerity doesn’t sell. The larger problem for the Mittster at this point is that he can’t re-invent himself again without looking like even more of a flip flopper. He’s stuck being the guy with all the skills, with the right resume, the looks, everything…but that nobody seems to like (except you people, of course).

Its desperation time in Mitt land, the Mittanic is listing heavily. It will make it as far as Michigan, after that…who knows?

Have a nice day,