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Friday, January 11, 2008

Liberal Types Give New Hampshire Win to McCain

The CNN New Hampshire exit polling confirms that those with the liberal mindset were the ones responsible for vaulting John McCain to win there and thereby granting him somewhat of a "front-runner" status.

Numbers don't lie (and remember, these are just the numbers from the voters in the GOP NH primary):

52% think that Abortion should be "legal"

53% go to church "never" or "a few times a year"

49% have a negative opinion of Bush

57% do not "strongly oppose" civil unions

50% support a "path to citizenship" or a "guest worker program" for illegals already here.

39% of them are not Republicans

Only 21% say they're "very conservative" (BTW, Romney beat McCain 43% to 18% among them).

45% admit to being moderates or liberals.

Finally, 50% made their decision within the last week (with a full 19% admitting to deciding on the day of the primary).

So they're not just liberals . . . they're fickle liberals.

Thanks for nothing New Hampshire.


Don said...


I appreciate your posts.


Don McDowell

NM_Mitt_Commit said...

All Romney supporters, let's make a push for donations on Wednesday, January 16, 2008, the day after the Michigan primaries. The media and the other Republican candidates are trying to push MITT out because they know he is strong.

I will be a first time donor. If you haven't donated, donate on that day. If you already donated, do it again on that day, even if it's just $10.

Now the hard part, commit to finding five more people who will donate on that day. We have to get up off our duffs and do something or a good man may go down, and we will wonder why. Also, try to get your five donors to commit to finding five more donors.

I may only get a little tree here in New Mexico, but if everybody else gets a small tree, we may just create a forest.