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Saturday, January 05, 2008

2007 Year in Review

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Anonymous said...

What a horrible debate performance by Mitt! As expected, Thompson was comically bad, Giuliani was bumblingly evasive, Paul seemed like he was on loan to the Republicans from another planet, but Mitt, well…he was awful, by far the worst in the field. I thought he was supposed to be a statesman, tested, cool under fire. Last night he was shrill, defensive, panicked. His opponents, sensing blood in the water, went for the kill which, given Mitt’s limp wristed defense, turned out to be surprisingly easy. When pressured, one would have expected Mitt to react with pressure of his own, coolly returning fire. Instead Mitt was petulant, his poorly reasoned responses mostly consisting of whiny requests for his opponents to stop picking on him. Instead of a statesman, Mitt seemed more like a petulant teenager, his performance resembling what one might have expected from a 13 year old girl. This is a guy we’re expecting as president to go eye to eye with foreign leaders? It wasn’t even that nasty, and poor Mitt folded, collapsed. You can’t tell me that he was ill-prepared; Mitt’s nothing if not thorough. But under light flogging from McCain and Giuliani Mitt was worse even than that bumbling nincompoop Bush. Everyone’s familiar with Mitt’s penchant for lying and with his ethical handicaps. But it seems that some Republicans were willing to look past that based on their expectations that Mitt was tried, tested, intelligent, a professional. But that fa├žade was cruelly punctured last night as Mitt, under light pressure, folded like a cheap tent. I’m not sure what else was learned from last nights debate, but one thing is glaringly apparent, and that if that Mitt is tragically unsuited for the job of president. One hopes that the people of New Hampshire bestow upon Mitt the electoral thumping he so richly deserves.

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